At appSoftMedia:

our focus is to make you look good. We can help you stand out and show customers you care about your products and services.

From new companies looking to get their identity to companies just looking for a fresh new look or a complete overhaul, we assist you in all areas from print to web.


Logo Design

Your logo is an essential part of what makes you appeal to customers; creating that recognizable trust is critical in a successful company. We take extra steps to research your field of expertise so that your logo fits your company.

Style Guide

A style guide is essential to keeping your company's identity and helps you maintain a consistent look.

Marketing Materials

Along with your brand, we can help you create templates that complement your company, including business cards, letterheads, brochures, and specialty items.


From business cards, letterheads, brochures, and other specialty items, we can help you get from concept to ink.

Sometimes all you need is someone who can talk the lingo and assist in getting the vendors the files they need in the format they require.

Most big box print companies charge a steep hourly rate to make minor adjustments that only take a few seconds, and we can take the edge off and help you through that process.

We have been working with outside vendors for 30+ years. Let us assist you in getting the changes made and the files they need.


The most crucial part of getting potential customer information on your services is a website that explains what you can do and how your services will benefit the customer.

The look and feel of your site are one of the most important things to consider. Creating or matching your current brand is something we love to do.

We can help you choose the platform that will work best for you from informational sites, online shopping, or blogs. You could benefit from site architecture analysis if you have an existing website. We can assist you in getting your information organized most effectively.


When it's time to get your company logo or brand printed on a product, we can help you find a vendor and assist in getting them the required files.

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